The WeeklyTrade – Best Weekly Market Newsletter

The WeeklyTrade – Best Weekly Market Newsletter

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I want to show you how I trade options like a pro! 

I’ve got a free weekly newsletter called “The WeeklyTrade” that dishes out the expert advice you need to trade options like an option trading pro. Join my newsletter and get all my future issues FREE, right now!

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I started Stock trading as a hobby but later I realized that if you do it in the right way (and that you should definitely do.) can generate a killer return from Stock trading. But there are certain rules…In this 9+ years of trading carrier, I too witness some serious drawdowns that thought me some good lessons. I started my blog to share those experiences with fellow traders who are struggling to generate a consistent return from the stock market.I believe sharing your knowledge and experience is not only help other to avoid mistakes and choose a right path but it helps to know your strength and standing too. I started my blog just to share what I have learnt so far.

But after my 3+ years of blogging experience, I can proudly say that I’m not only sharing my knowledge but learning so many new things too by communication my followers. and That’s what I want to share with you.So if you need someone with whom you can fire your questions, then subscribe to my weekly newsletter to learn and discuss your obstacles with me.

It would be a two way communication. I love to read all the replies, feedbacks and most importantly the questions or the problems you are facing in your trading journey. So subscribe this FREE newsletter to be a part of my learning community.

Why its different from others?

We all know that everyone has their own risk tolerance capacity. Some are running for high returns by taking a high risk and some are happy with the small but consistent return by keeping their risk on the limited side.I’m following a unique trading plan. Anyone can build their own trading system by following their own risk tolerance capacity.I don’t believe in spoon-feeding. If you want to succeed in your trading journey then you have to make and follow your own trading plan. That’s the reason, I prefer to share my learning that anyone can implement in their trading plan. In my content, you will not just get BUY/SELL ideas, you will get proper analysis about why I choose that script to deploy a particular strategy and most important “ADJUSTMENTS”. Because if you don’t know how to adjust your strategy if your script is going against your prediction then it’s difficult to make money here.So if you are passionate about learning, implementing, and adjusting option strategies, that’s the right step you should take. Subscribe Now to be a part of my learning community.

What you’ll get in these Weekly mails:


Weekly Market Outlook, Levels and Weekly Option Strategies

In this weekly newsletter, I will talk about Weekly Market Outlook and levels for the coming week that helps to deploy your option trading strategy. You will also get the limited risk option strategies I’m deploying in the Nifty and BankNifty for the coming weekly expiry.


1 – 3 Stock Picks for the coming week

You will also get 1 – 3 stock picks based on the technical analysis with charts for the coming week with a prospective to generate 15% -18% return in short term from these picks. I will share which strategy I’m deploying in these scripts and why.


1 -3 Monthly Income strategies 

Apart from weekly expiry, you will receive 1 -3 limited risk options hedging strategies in stocks with proper hedge and adjustments for positional holding till monthly expiry. The purpose to share these strategies are to teach you how you can scan stocks and how you can choose a strategy based on your analysis and levels. and the most important “ADJUSTMENTS”. How you can adjust that particular strategy is script is not moving according to your analysis.


And How to guides, setups and trading lessons…

Time to time I’m sharing some good piece of content on my blog. I continuously testing new tools, research new techniques, reading books and try to learn new things everyday. Based on my research, learning and experience, I writes articles on my blogs. You will get priority access to these blog posts. (1-3 mails per week)

About Sachin Sival

Founder, Replete Equities

Sachin Sival is the founder and CEO of Replete Equities, an options trading company that specializes in delta hedging. A self-taught trader, Sachin has a passion for volatility trading and stock trading. Sachin loves to hone his skills by reading up on new strategies and techniques as well as taking part in industry events. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Sachin also takes pleasure in photography – as a hobby.

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